Financial District Becoming Real Neighborhood

Financial District Becoming Real Neighborhood

Financial District en Route to Becoming a Real Neighborhood

No longer do the sidewalks roll up after 6 p.m. in the Financial District.

            The Hub will see twice the number of new housing units during this cycle than it did last cycle. And it is well-positioned to absorb the housing spurt, as there is a shift toward more urban


Newton News: What to Look Out for in Your Own Neighborhood!

Newton, Massachusetts is a wonderfully historic area which alludes to various community events- encouraging and educating about its history. Here are some following events that you may want to check [...]

Proximity To Healthy Food Influences Real Estate Values

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A new report observed that a growing interest in fresh, accessible food cultivates the communities around it and innovation and development follow its cultivation. Neighborhood farmer’s markets, farm-to-table restaurants and community gardens are just a few examples.

Village Profile: Newton Corner

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Newton Corner
Newton, MA


Newton Corner is a commercial hub off of the Massachusetts Turnpike. It includes  the Crown Plaza Hotel – built on air right over the highway. The village is located next to Exit 17 and offers convenient connection to and from Boston and Logan Airport. The Newton Corner Advisory Committee works in this village, [...]

Village Profile: Nonantum

Nonantum Newtown MA Downtown


Newton, MA


Nonantum is located in the northeastern part of Newton - bordering Watertown. The main commercial area lays between Adams Street and Faxon Street on Watertown Street. Another commercial area sits along California Street. This village has more manufacturing use than the other villages. The Nonantum Advisory Commitee and [...]

Village Profile: Newton Centre

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Newton Centre

Newton, MA

Crystal Lake - Newton Centre

The main commercial center of Newton Centre is a triangular area surrounding the intersections of Beacon Street, Centre Street, and Langely Road. It is the largest downtown area in all of Newton serving as a large upscale shopping destination for the western suburbs of Boston. Newton [...]

Village Profile: Newton Upper Falls

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Newton Upper Falls

Newton, MA

Echo Bridge - Newton Upper Falls

Newton Upper Falls sits on the East bank of the Charles River, bordering Needham, Wellesley and West Roxbury. It gets its name for its spot on the falls. The village has over 150 houses on the historic register and is home to the Echo Bridge pedestrian [...]

Village Profile: Newton Highlands

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Newton Highlands
Newton, MA



Newton Highlands' railroad station was constructed before the town was even built. This was back when the Charles River Railroad was extended through Newton in 1852. The primary purpose of the track was to carry gravel from Needham to fill the Back Bay. This lasted until the early 1870s when the railbed was [...]

The Neighborhoods of Lexington, MA

Lexington, MA, Castles Unlimited

We're going to dig into each neighborhood to give you a picture of what it's like to live there, but first, we're going to take a look at Lexington, Massachusetts as a whole.