Easy Ways to Save Energy in 2012


There are so many energy efficient solutions to conventional products out there but consumers are often overwhelmed about what makes the most sense for them.  A lot of green products will save energy and ultimately money for your household but there are two in particular that are extremely inexpensive and make an enormous impact on your [...]

Zero-Energy Homes: Changing The Real Estate Landscape for Good

While trends come and go, hopefully the zero-energy mindset is here to stay. A zero-energy home is a space that relies on exceptional energy conservation and on-site renewable energy to meet heating, cooling and energy needs. As the movement continues to gain traction around the country, here is a closer look at what it really means to own a “zero-energy home”.

Proximity To Healthy Food Influences Real Estate Values

A new report observed that a growing interest in fresh, accessible food cultivates the communities around it and innovation and development follow its cultivation. Neighborhood farmer’s markets, farm-to-table restaurants and community gardens are just a few examples.

Newton Launches Bigbelly Solar Powered Waste Collection Initiative

The city installed 340 units in 170 locations across Newton in April and May. Solar-powered and utilizing cloud technology, the units come equipped with compacting and sensing technology.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Budget and Eco-Friendly

Most American homeowners consider remodeling at some point and these days many people on the hunt for more eco-friendly ways to update their home. It's important that we all do our part to support the planet. Here are a few ways you can update your home while also being environmentally conscious and budget friendly.


Solar Energy's Potential

Energy costs are high, and there is an alternative energy source that can be exploited to reduce energy costs, and eventually pay for itself. The alternative is solar energy, and it could be more beneficial in some states and cities because they offer subsidies and tax incentives to upgrade the home to solar power.

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Green as the New Normal in Real Estate

Environmentally-conscious behaviors and attitudes run rampant in current generations, impacting the real estate market’s focus. Here are ten green aspects of society that justify why real estate professionals ought to prioritize and emphasize environmentally friendly efforts in their practice.

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New California Solar Mandate Could Pave the Way to National Change

The California Energy Commission passed a new order as a part of the 2019 Building Efficiency Standards mandating the installation of solar panels on most newly constructed homes starting in January of 2020.

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Harvard Researchers and a Zero-Emission Home – Here's What "HouseZero" Looks Like

At Castles Unlimited, we’re always on the hunt for the latest eco-friendly home advancements– after all, what’s more important than respecting our planet while saving our customers money? New England and cutting-edge technology go together like Tom Brady and Super Bowl championships, so as you can imagine, we were thrilled, yet, hardly [...]