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Newton News: What to Look Out for in Your Own Neighborhood!

Newton, Massachusetts is a wonderfully historic area which alludes to various community events- encouraging and educating about its history. Here are some following events that you may want to check out:
1. 'FROM SLAVERY TO FREEDOM' 2/23/12 at 2:00 PM
A vacation week, family program, which edifies New England's resistance to slavery. Join in for 20$ per family, or 15$ per member, for a hands-on exhibit of Confronting Our Legacy: Slavery and Anti- Slavery in the North! Register by calling 617.796.1450

2.'NEWTON COMMUNITY WEEKEND' 3/3-3/4/12 at 12-5:00 PM
If you are a Newton resident, enjoy a free admission to the 'Jackson Homestead & Museum' !

Another resourceful public amenity of the Newton community is the 'Newton Free Library'!

Click here to become a friend of the library. This entails you to support financially and with direct service- as advocates of the library! Get involved. Find your community. Or part-take in events provided by your own public library by checking out their event's calender. The Newton Free Library offers many community events, activities, and services. Click here to access their website and use it as a resource to get plugged into your community!