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RISMedia, found in 1980, has been the leader in the Real Estate Information System. Over the past 30 years, RISMedia has been offering top updates, trends, advices, and strategies to the real estate community. With its large network and prominence, I am very privileged to have my article featured on this [...]



Have you tuned into Jim Lowenstern's newly debuted radio show? If you haven't, you've missed out! Here's the buzz:
Week One:
Guest Star:
1. Mike Phillips
- Number 1 real-estate broker in the entire country. 
- Tuned in from Kansas City, Missouri to speak on the radio show.
- Mike Phillips sold over 1,200 houses over the past

Are YOU Part of the Real Estate Revolution?


With Thanksgiving's buzz slowly dissipating, the anticipated Holiday spirits have finally begun to creep. Jolly and uplifting reminders of the upcoming Holidays, are beginning to fill local coffee shops, commercials, decorations, as well as radio broadcasts. Thus I present to you: Jim Lowenstern Radio Show- an early gift for those [...]

5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Retains Value


Purchasing a home can be one of the biggest investments a buyer makes. In order to protect the investment there are key attributes to look for to ensure a house retains and even grows in value.

1.)   Location, location, location.
Identical homes will increase or decrease in value based on location. You can remodel your home but you can't


ACTIVERAIN FEATURED POST: Selling Your Home Over the Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching. Regardless of what denomination you are- the next couple of months are probably going to be more hectic than most as you prepare to conclude 2011 with friends and family. If your home is on the market, this time of year is also particularly tricky. Fortunately there is great advice for those of you looking [...]