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Things To Do in Newton, MA (Weekend of 10/10)

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Are you looking for the best way to get out of the house and spend time here in Newton? This city has so much to offer whether you want to see the great outdoors, spend some time on the town, or do something new and creative. Check out our top “to-do’s” this weekend in Newton!

How to List on Airbnb

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In this guide we go over how you can list your property on Airbnb and start making more money!


In the beginning...

You'll want to make a profile on Airbnb to start. After that, you can add listings and start making money! Yes, we're jumping directly into this so let's get to it.

Once you're logged in, you can click the button to add a listing, you are taken to a simple page that asks you for your home type, location, and the number [...]

Why Do Sellers Over-Value?

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When we live in a place for long enough, and especially when it's a home that you own- you can become very attached to it. Our homes can also contain our tastes, personality, cherished memories or favored heirlooms. They become an extension of ourselves and part of our identity. It’s no surprise that when it comes time to sell a house, this attachment can do more bad than good.