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There is big news and lots of it. It is an exciting time at CASTLES and eXp! The company just hit a significant milestone with 85.000 agents. It just launched its much awaited eXp luXury Division. Its still opening additional countries every few months and new we get to publish our first eXp powered CASTLES Magazine.

CASTLES Magazine was first published in the early 1990's as a coffee table sized print issue. The name was not trademarked at that time and the magazine's website homeowners plus luxury real estate brokers nationwide. The magazine has gone through several iterations over the decades and this one is possible our most forward thinking one yet.

eXp is quickly expanding, and the need for a luxury property magazine for all of its brokers and properties is a tool that many have suggested since we began our CASTLES Luxury Group at eXp just one year ago.

Please enjoy the properties that we present to you here and feel free to search additional ones at as they are curated and updated daily.