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Part of Downtown Boston Added to State's Most Endangered Historic Resources List

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“The Most Endangered Historic Resource program will create awareness of the historic and cultural significance of this in-demand neighborhood and the ease with which poorly considered redevelopment could destroy this unique piece of old Boston.”

Here's How Much Your Down Payment Will Be In These Greater Boston Suburbs

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The general rule of thumb when it comes to down payments in the Boston area is twenty percent of the price. So that means, with home prices where they are today, you’re looking at upwards of $100,000 up front.

Update: What's Next For Boston's Iconic Citgo Sign

what's next for boston citgo sign

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap. The building on which the icon sign sits is set to be sold to real estate developer, Related Beal. They plan to redevelop the whole block of buildings, which are currently owned by Boston University. In the mean time, locals and conservationists are rushing to gain landmark status for the infamous Boston symbol.

Top 10 Massachusetts Towns With The Biggest Home Price Increases

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A mix of classically upscale, up and coming and working class neighborhoods are demonstrating large price jumps heading into the fall season. Downtown Boston alone jumped nearly 33 percent to a median home price of $3.1 million. The following is a breakdown of the ten Boston neighborhoods exhibiting the strongest price growth.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Home Is Overpriced

signs your home is overpriced

First things first: the most common reason a home does not sell is because it is overpriced. Overpricing your home almost guarantees that you will end up with less money and more stress. Albeit, it can be hard to find that sweet spot: where you feel you’re home is being appreciated while also attracting prospective buyers. Here are some clear signs that your home is priced too high.

5 Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Buy A Fixer Upper

things to consider when deciding if you should by a fixer upper

Buying a house to renovate definitely has its advantages. The most appealing may be the opportunity to make the home the way you want it and ideally increase the value. However, it’s certainly not an easy task to undertake.