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Stunning Seaport Apartment Building

With sweeping ocean views and all of the luxurious amenties available, this building is one of the finest luxury residential buildings in Boston. Take a closer look:


8 Holes in Homeowners' Insurance

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If you think your beloved house is 150% covered by your insurance you're going to be severly disappointed. There are probably some pretty big holes in your coverage. Two of the most common doozies are flooding and earthquakes - and just because youre not looking to settle down in San Francisco or another high-risk area doesn't mean you're [...]

Boston Luxury Listings

Take a closer look at the most luxurious listings available in Boston now. Experience all the stunning views, immaculate design and luxurious decor Boston real estate has to offer. 


Village Profile: Auburndale

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Newton, MA


On the border of Waltham and the bank of the Charles River sits Auburndale. "The Reverend Charles du Maresque Pigeon, grandson of an illustrious eighteenth century local, is credited for persuading the railroad to introduce a flag stop on its line two miles West of West Newton. This influx of traffic led to a surge in [...]

Elm Street: Why Freddy Krueger's Street of Horror Is So Popular

Nightmare on Elm Street


When Wes Craven conceived "A Nightmare on Elm Street", the classic 1984 horror flick, he chose to set it on a street that would evoke a kind of "Everywhere", US. Craven's goal in using Elm Street was to imply that horror can happen anywhere - even in seemingly safe residential [...]

Top New Listings in Newton: October

Castles Unlimited brings you the top new luxury listings in Newton, Massachusetts. This video features only the most magnificent homes - falling between around $3-$4 million on average. These impressive homes are all located in the coveted and historic town of Newton. Close to Boston but far enough to feel suburban, Newton has been ranked as [...]

Village Profile: Newton Highlands

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Newton Highlands
Newton, MA



Newton Highlands' railroad station was constructed before the town was even built. This was back when the Charles River Railroad was extended through Newton in 1852. The primary purpose of the track was to carry gravel from Needham to fill the Back Bay. This lasted until the early 1870s when the railbed was [...]

Brand New Gorgeous Colonial in Newton

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Cornell Street
Newton, MA

This spectacular new construction will be finished in the summer of 2016. The functionality and livability of this home is as impressive as the curb appeal, featuring all the bells and whistles for today's discerning buyer. Situated on a 14,150 square feet of level lot, this beautiful home includes 6 Bedrooms, 7 [...]

Newton Leads 2040: A Message from Mayor Setti D. Warren


A message from Mayor Setti D. Warren:

We live in a fantastic place and according to a 2014 survey from Wall Street 24/7 Newton is the #1 city in which to live in the United States. Our education system, public safety, city services and fiscal health are excellent, but we know that our city's greatness goes beyond these factors. it is [...]

The Most Haunted ZIP Codes In America

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With Halloween right around the corner, RealtyTrac decided to narrow down the 5 most haunted zipcodes in the U.S. Over 22,000 homes stand empty around the U.S. with their previous owners deceased. For reference, that's about one in every 5,973 houses nationwide. However, there are more than 20 areas where that ratio increases to one in


Condos Are Back and Overtaking Single-Family Homes In Appreciation

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Condos are appreciating faster than single-family homes accross the US. This is especially prominent in areas with thriving job markets and ongoing urban renewal. Condo are appreciating at a rate of 5.1 percent compared to the 3.7 percent appreciation for single family [...]

One Couple's Experience Buying a Haunted House

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Craig and Yvonne Schaible were considering the purchase of a 111-year-old Victorian in Fanwood New Jersey. The owner had grown up in the house and was selling it following the death of her parents. However, an unsettling presence loomed over the house and threatened to fighten off buyers and decrease the value. The owner disclosed her [...]

The Redesigned Townhouse: Where Private Living Meets City Convenience

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Where fantasy meets realty.

The seclusion of a private home with the privileges of a full-service building seem to be the most sought-after living arrangement in the constantly moving and claustrophobic New York City. This arrangement is now becoming a tangible realty with the new townhouses adjacent to the multi-unit service-packed [...]