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Boston/Cambridge/Newton Area is the Hottest Housing Market of April 2019

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In a recent ranking based on median listing price and median days on the market, Boston ranks as April's number one hottest housing market.

The median days on the market in Boston is 32 days, which is quick compared to other cities, but not necessarily the quickest. Where Boston really shines is this short days on market number in [...]

Market Looking Strong for Boston Luxury Apartments

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It seems that nearly every month a new apartment building is being built up to accommodate the masses of people that move to Boston each year.

But recently there’s been some skepticism about the growth of the luxury market, nationwide, when 1.2 percent of homes above $2 Million fell in price.

However, Boston’s newest luxury apartment [...]

Airbnb Hosts are Putting Their Earnings Back into Real Estate

Airbnb hosts say that their passive income gained through hosting allows them to continue to invest in the real estate market. Airbnb serves as an income that does not require trading hours for dollars; instead, this money can cover costs related to rent, or mortgage, with a minimal amount of time consumed. In taking the average monthly rent [...]

These 10 Cities Have The Most Million-Dollar Homes

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As people continue to flock to urban areas and the housing shortage continues to grow, home prices also continue to grow.

Here's Why Luxury Buyers Choose Castles Unlimited


Working with a luxury buyer presents a very different experience than working with any other demographic. Those who are looking to purchase a high-end property are discerning and highly-informed — and expect their agent to be as well. As a result, the questions they ask are less about learning about a market’s livability and more about what [...]