Unexpected Demand for Solar Panels Extends Incentive Program

The deadline for a solar power incentive program in several communities across the state has been extended after unexpected demand for solar panels, state and local agencies

Fail-proof Ways to Boost Curb Appeal


First impressions mean everything, and when prospective buyers or realtors take their first look at your home, they'll immediately study your home's facade and front lawn. While an overhaul such as new siding can cost thousands, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to improve the look of your home.


The Most Common and Costly Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

A new home is one of the biggest purchases people will make in their lifetimes. Regrettably, costly mistakes can be made by anyone involved in the transaction - builders, remodeling contractors, or even the new homeowners themselves. Knowing a few of the common mistakes homeowners make can prevent future confusion and save you lots of time, headaches and most importantly, money.

Trump to Allow Delay on Mortgage Payments and Foreclosures

Good news for all borrowers! The Trump administration will allow delays in mortgage payments for all low-income households in America suffering by the coronavirus side effect, economical crisis.