Insurance Rates Rise in Provincetown Due to Flood Law

Insurance Rates Rise in Provincetown Due to Flood Law

Flood Law Update- Provincetown

By December, David Lupone was spending so much time in Provincetown, he decided to buy a 325-square-foot condominium -- a former motel room -- as a weekend getaway.

             With a mortgage, it was affordable. Or at least it was until his flood insurance jumped from $600 annually to $5,062 almost


Insurance 101 for First-Time Homeowners

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If you're thinking of becoming a homeowner, you've likely spent time budgeting for additional expenses - property taxes, lawn care, a big-screen TV to fill up that extra get the idea. But have you factored in protection for your new home?
While you're crunching numbers, remember to include homeowners insurance. A standard policy will cover exterior and interior damage from incidents like vandalism, fire, wind and lightning. 

8 Holes in Homeowners' Insurance

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If you think your beloved house is 150% covered by your insurance you're going to be severly disappointed. There are probably some pretty big holes in your coverage. Two of the most common doozies are flooding and earthquakes - and just because youre not looking to settle down in San Francisco or another high-risk area doesn't mean you're [...]

First-Time Homebuying

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What should you know before you get into the process? The basics, an outline, and we can deal with the rest as it comes so as to not mentally overload ourselves and get process paralysis. So, let's walk thru some points that will have you feeling confident when you're standing in front of your Realtor to make your first purchase.