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10 Ways To Stay Sane While Moving

Going through the stressful escrow process is a necessity when buying a home. Once you're past it, you finally get to live in the home you've worked so hard for. But first, you have to move...

Not only is moving seriously inconvenient and time-consuming but it can be a major stressor on you and, if you're moving with someone else, your relationship. "Almost two in three placed [moving] at the top of their stress list in a poll of 2,000 adults (via Express)." That's 61 percent! The most stressful parts, according to the poll, were misplaced possessions (killer) and procrastinating packing.

So the question is, how do you make moving a bearable process? Here are 10 lifesaving tips to help.

1. Breathe
Yes, albeit cliche, this one can sometimes be forgotten. When things starts to go wrong - ie running out of boxes when you still have a mountain of knickknacks or your movers dropped the box with the nice china - remembering to take a breath can be a lifesaver. Inhale through your nose and count to ten then slowly let your breathe out through your mouth. It won't fix the problem but it will give you the headspace and re-focusing you need to tackle it head on. 

2. Relax
Another cliche but also another necessity. Powering through the moving process may seem like the best course of action but it means you're missing out on activities that make you happy. Whether it's making time for morning yoga, playing your favorite music or taking a bubble bath let yourself unwind every day throughout the process. It might feel counterintuitive if you have a lot to do but you'll find that you will be more productive once you've re-centered.

3. Drink
Water. 8 cups a day will keep the moving blues away. Packing may not seem like hard work but all that lifting, stretching, twisting, and kneeling can be a serious workout. Make sure you also set aside a bottle of wine (or two) for when you're finished. It's something to look forward to and a good thank you for friends who've helped you pack.

4. Label Everything
This one might be the most important tip yet. Even though it can seem like a hassle it will pay off in the long run. Picture yourself down the line searching through endless amounts of nameless boxes for the TV remote when all you want to do is put your feet up and watch a movie. Now picture yourself easily locating the remote because you took two seconds to write "TV stuff" on a box. The latter is obviously more appealing. Whether you label the boxes by room, type or your own hybrid you'll definitley be happy you made the effort.

5. Make a plan
Even if you're not the type of person to plan your day on a regular basis, when your moving it helps to stick to a schedule. It will help keep you on track as well as manage your moving goals. Anxiety and stress will start creeping in when the moving day arrives and a clear cut plan will help you avoid any oversights. Work backwards from your moving day, boxing up items that you don't use and compiling things for goodwill. 

6. Ask for help
Having friends and family around can seriously help the moving process. Not only are there extra hands and eyes to box and sort but when you're feeling stressed or anxious having someone there to cheer you up is invaluable. Make it fun with music, snacks and beverages and it won't even feel like you're moving.

7. Get some sleep
When we're overtired we're grumpy, more anxious and shorter tempered -  its science. Make the process more pleasant for everyone by getting at least 8 hours the night before your move. 

8. Turn on your utilities before you move into your new home
After the move you'll be wiped. All you'll want to do is make some tea and put your feet up while watching some Jimmy Fallon. If you don't have access to the home before you move to do so, at least make sure  you have some kind of internet connection (mobile hotspot etc) before you move so you can easily pop on Hulu or Netflix.

9. Move the most important stuff yourself
As we go through life we collect things that, while maybe insignificant to other, mean a lot to us. These things are too important to go in a truck. Gather your important things - papers, jewelry, passport, heirlooms - and move them on your own. It will save you the worry if something happens to the truck or you can't find them post-move.

10. Find a good mover
You don't want to end up on a Friday night special because you hired some whack-job mover who held your things hostage. The key to finding a good mover is research, research, research! This is actually a good thing to do any time you're hiring help. Ask for referrals, check reviews and speak to several moving companies before you decide. Protect Your Move is great site that tells you if the company is licensed and if they've ever had a formal complaint. Moving Scam is also a good resource, offering detailed information on each company as well as a blacklist of companies to stay away from.

So there you have it, some tips to help you stay sane during the crazy process that is moving. Good luck!