The Best Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

For some buyers, the unpredictability of the experience is the most exciting part. Others prefer to go in armed with knowledge. Whichever you fall under, this simple nine-step guide will help you succeed in buying your first home.



Homebuyer Checklist: What To Look For In A House

Are you in the process of buying a home? If so, it can be hard not to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices. You can lose sight of things that are important to you in lieu of shiny countertops or pretty landscaping. Here is a checklist that will help keep you on track.

Yearly Checklist for Homeowners

Owning a home is about a lot more than just making the mortgage payments, paying the property taxes and keeping it clean and tidy. A home requires maintenance too. Trying to take it on all at once can feel downright impossible, so consider breaking down your annual upkeep tasks into seasonal projects. By breaking your projects down into smaller pieces, you will give yourself more peace of mind and more time to save for repairs.

The 6 Most Important Features To Look For When Buying A Home

Don't know where to start when it comes to looking at a home? Don't worry - here are the 6 most important features you shold be looing for in every home.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

As the colder weather moves in across the country, home owners have to make sure their heating systems are up to speed. To help protect against breakdowns, American Home Shield offers five expert tips to maintain heating systems and help homes stay nice and cozy all winter.