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5 Ways To Cut Down Your Energy Bill

Unplug devices and keep lights off in rooms you’re not in

The things that use up the most energy are TVs, gaming consoles and desktop computer. Unplugging them when you’re not using them will cut down your energy costs. When you leave the room, switch the light off – it will add up.

Keep your vents open and clean

To make sure your AC or heat doesn’t go to waste, make sure all your vents are open and clean. Fans don’t change the temperature but they move the AC or heat throughout the house.

Don’t waste water

Especially since we’re in a drought! Make sure you don’t have any leaking faucets or running toilet as those can cause running water issues.

Wash with cold water

Use cold water in your washing machine instead of hot when you can. If you’re using a drier, leave it about 25 percent empty so your clothes can move and dry faster.


Same things, more cold less hot. Make sure your dishwasher is filled efficiently so you get the most out of each run.

There are many little ways to save energy – you just need to be aware of what your using and when.