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Your All-In-One Moving Checklist

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6 weeks before moving: Hire a mover

  • Hire a local mover
  • Discuss your packing and storage needs
  • Discuss any fragile items you might have
  • Discuss the size of your move (try compiling an inventory list)
  • Discuss payment (some may require a deposit, some only take cash)

4 weeks before moving: Get organized

  • Complete your change of address form
  • Create a floor plan for the furniture in your new home
  • Decide which items you want to get rid of, sell or donate
  • Notify your mover of any special needs (like special packing materials for delicate items)

2 weeks before moving: Clean your home

  • Hire a move-out cleaner - it will save you time, stress and they'l probably do a much better job than you could under a time crunch
  • Donate items or have a yard sale - get rid of anything and everything you don't need
  • Discard or donate food you're not taking
  • Collect boxes and packing materials if you plan to pack yourself

1 week before moving: Finalize the details

  • Call your utilities company to make sure the utilities at your old home will be disconnected
  • Call the moving company to confirm your move date, time, and any special needs
  • Start packing items and be sure to clearly label all boxes - this will save you so much time unpacking
  • Set aside any fragile or special boxes you want to transport yourself

The day of the move

  • Greet your movers and brief them on your needs
  • Make sure everything is loaded on the truck
  • Do a final walk-through before leaving to make sure everything is out
  • Turn of all the lights, HVAC and water
  • Close all blinds and lock all windows and doors
  • Leave any special keys or garage door openers for the new owner
  • Meet your movers at your new home
  • Check that al your items are intact and that there are no dents or scrapes
  • Pay your movers for a job well done

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