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All About The State of The Nation's Housing

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The national housing market has reached a point where its momentum is providing growth for the US economy. According to the latest The State of the Nation’s Housing report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, robust rental demand continues to drive the housing expansion and sales, prices, and new construction of single-family homes are on the rise

Median Home Prices Around Greater Boston

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Median home prices in areas around Greater Boston are quickly reaching $500,000. While this list includes some traditionally more expensive neighborhoods, many suburbs that aren’t usually considered as such are also soaring in price. 

What The Increased Interest Rates Mean for Millennials

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The Federal Reserve has finally raised its interest rate. The impact on savings accounts won't be huge, at least for now. However, with the December increase, the fed funds rate - which has been circling zero for the last six years - went up a quarter percent. Though this is a baby step, bigger changes could come in 2016 if the Fed continues to raise rates. So here's what millennial savers and borrowers should know and more improtantly, what to do about it.

Bitcoin vs. Real Estate in 2019

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Bitcoin won in 2017.

Real Estate won in 2018.

Who wins in 2019 and beyond?

2017 was the year of bitcoin (BTC-USD): the price surged from below $1,000 to a high of nearly $20,000. Meanwhile, 2018 has seen the price crater to ~$3,700 as of this writing. Given this enormous volatility, it is anyone's guess what 2019 will bring for the [...]

Do Smart-Home Systems Add Value to a Property?

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Smart homes are becoming more common since they present many advantages. People usually install them in their homes to have better control over energy efficiency and safety, but other than that, do they add value to a home?