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Do Smart-Home Systems Add Value to a Property?

More and more homeowners are installing high technical gadgets in their homes to simplify their daily routines. However, even more are fitting their homes with what they believe are home-value-boosting devices. We know tech can amek our daily lives easier, but can it improve our homes ROI? 

Agents and experts think that smart technologies can help with a home sale depending on the type of system you installed. Installing the automated system for the entire house can have value when you sell the property whereas having a couple of gadgets is not economically significant. While it is not certain that these systems can actually increase the value of a house, it can surely help to get a faster sale. 

When homebuyers are attending an open house, they are more concerned about the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the common living spaces; therefore, a good real estate agent has to explain to people that the home also includes an automated system to capture their interest in these technologies. In addition, the agent has to teach the functionality and the energetic/economic benefits of having smart technology installed. People might be sold with home safety and privacy, or deterred if they aren't good with tech. These reasons can be a downside for smart homes that are for sale. However, it is uncommon nowadays. Buyers want convenience and having these smart-home products are becoming a plus.

So the bottom line is that there is a slight chance that return on investment for smart-home technology won't happen, but there are benefits to having them installed if you want to sell your house sometime soon. Always make sure that, when the time comes, the seller and buyer have all the tech sorted out in writing because it’s going to be considered personal property otherwise.

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