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Median Home Prices Around Greater Boston

Median home prices in areas around Greater Boston are quickly reaching $500,000. While this list includes some traditionally more expensive neighborhoods, many suburbs that aren’t usually considered as such are also soaring in price. 

As prices in Boston skyrocket, people are forced to move farther out to find affordable real estate (it’s called decentralization). The rise in demand translates into a rise in prices and before you know it, neighborhoods that were not particularly sought after a few years ago are becoming the new hot spots for people looking to find affordable real estate.

Here’s a list of the median home prices around neighborhoods in greater Boston

Newton:  >$1 million
Jamaica Plain: $765,000
Roslindale $511,250
West Roxbury: $530,000
Waltham: $511,000
Medford: $492,000
Cambridge: $1.5 million
Somerville: $652,000
Natick: $530,000
Acton: $586,000
Westford: $508,125
Lincoln:  >$1 million
Wellesley:  >$1 million
Sharon: $533,250
Norfolk: $487,250

Imagine dropping a stone into water and watching the ripples flow out from the point of impact. That’s basically what the Greater Boston real estate market looks like right now.