This Is How Much Walkability Influences Real Estate Prices in Boston

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Walkability was a particularly desirable quality in Boston real estate compared to the 13 other metro regions tracked in the study. On average, a one point walk score increase translated to a $3,250 price bump. That’s 700 dollars less than in Boston.

Boston Named 3rd Most-Walkable City in the U.S.

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With the summer approaching so quickly, Bostonians can finally come out of hibernation and enjoy Boston to the fullest. Part of that is taking advantage of the city's incredible walkability. 

According to Walk Score, Boston is the third most walkable city in the United States. With New York on the first place and San Fransisco on the second place.

Boston received a “Walk Score” of 80.1, which is a 1.2 point increase in the city's walkability score from last year. 


This Is Why You Should Live Near a Bike Path

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Bicycle friendly amenities are leading to a rise in property values across the world marshaled by developments in urban centers and suburban outposts that accommodate “active” transportation.  On a national scale, the values of homes in areas with "above-average” access to transportation are higher than those of comparable properties by up to $34,000.


How to Spot a Walkable Neighborhood

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Over the past few years, “walkability” has become one of the top criteria for many home buyers and renters. A walk score tells you how friendly and safe your neighborhood is for walking, biking, dining, shopping, and entertainment venues.