2017 Home Sales: Are Single Buyers Occupying the Greatest Share?

While historically, single buyers have held minimal shares on the home market, 2016 experienced an astonishing rebound of share of single buyers. This sudden upturn could issue in a new trend with a greater emphasis on this demographic.

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Luxury Market Lags Behind General Market in 2017


According to a report on realtor.com, luxury real estate lagged behind general market growth in 2017, despite that million-dollar homes now make up more than seven percent of the real estate market, a significant increase from [...]

A Banner Year for Housing

The housing market has an impressive 2017 year, as another $2 trillion was added, bringing the collective total to $31.8 trillion, according to a recent report by a major real estate company. Home values last year increased 6.5 percent and at the fastest pace since [...]