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Renters Save With Lease Renewal

Renters did you know that by renewing a lease instead of moving to a new rental you can save thousands of dollars? Well, Zillow has just released an analysis that points out the potential savings, and how those savings could go to a potential down payment on a home.

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7 Home Fixes to do Before Selling

The process of getting a property ready to put on the market is daunting. There is what seems to be endless amounts of scrutiny over aspect of the home, but what actually needs attention and what can be left alone? There are seven areas that should not be ignored when a property is being prepared for sale.

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Avoid Yard Devastation

Cultivating one’s yard is a delicate balance that can be easily thrown into chaos and devastated. There are five common ways the yard is threatened by devastation ignoring harmful tree and plant varieties, neglecting pest control, poor planing, excess mulch or gravel, and overcommitting.

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Fixer Upper in Newton Centre

3 Daniel Street in Newton, Ma is a single family residence situated on a 10,734 square foot lot brings an opportunity for renovation or new building project in Newton Centre. 

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