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7 Home Fixes to do Before Selling

The process of getting a property ready to put on the market is daunting. There is what seems to be endless amounts of scrutiny over aspect of the home, but what actually needs attention and what can be left alone? There are seven areas that should not be ignored when a property is being prepared for sale.


Structural and Mechanical: Buyer looking at the age and condition of the roof, air conditioning, and heating systems, water heater, electrical panels and pipes. So, check in on these things and if any seem to be on their last leg, or if an appraiser points out that some of these things need to be replaced, then seriously consider replacing them. Replacing items like a roof at the end of its life before putting it on the market will go a long way to solidify a buyer making an offer.


Exterior: The first impression starts from the outside. The exterior will be photographed and spread across a multitude of websites and flyers. So, considering the exterior appearance, is there any wood rot? Does it need paint? Are there any stucco cracks that need to be dealt with? Tending to this particular part of the home will be worth the money.


Landscaping: The next obvious thing after discussing the exterior is the landscaping. Is it time to give the plant beds fresh mulch, pine straw, or rock? Are the plants overgrown or wilting? How overgrown are the tree limbs, are they blocking the view of the home? The solutions are relatively inexpensive and can transform how the exterior looks by trimming back and freshening up with new plants are easy ways to improve the landscaping.


Cosmetic: Buyers buy with their eyes, so interior details need to addressed. Perhaps a fresh coat of paint that is light, neutral and on-trend with a palette that will transition well with any buyer’s furniture. How is the front door looking? Does it need anything like hardware or fresh paint possibly an update. Consider light fixtures, ceiling fans and light switches these are really small things, but go a long way in generating value.


Kitchen: This is always a big deal to buyers… the kitchen. The kitchen is always a thing even if the buyers only know how to boil water, they still envision themselves cooking or hosting, and the kitchen seems to be an area of congregation anyways. A few things that could be done to improve the kitchen are new hardware for the cabinets, adding or changing tile backsplash, updating appliances, and one might even consider changing out the countertops.


Bathroom: Keep it simple and clean. The bathroom could be improved by simply cleaning the tile or re-grouting. Caulking, new plumbing, light fixtures, and mirrors will add value as well.


Flooring: If any one part of the house should be considered over the others interiorly, consider the flooring. There are many low-cost options to choose from including wood plank tiles and highly upgraded laminate flooring. Think about wide plank, light colored or hand-scraped styles. New floors always transform the space and give it the “wow” factor that buyers are looking for.

Preparing a home for  sale is a huge undertaking, remember to create balance between what needs to be fixed and what to leave alone. In the end if the right improvements are made it will result in a faster sale for top dollar.           

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