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Tesla: Bringing Together Luxury and the Green Initiative

In November of 2016, Elon Musk, Tesla Motors Inc Chief Executive finally won approval from shareholders to purchase SolarCity Corp, the largest manufacturer and installer of solar panels. Tesla began taking orders for its new solar roofing at the beginning of April, below is a little history of how this came to be and what we can expect from here.

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2017 Home Sales: Are Single Buyers Occupying the Greatest Share?

While historically, single buyers have held minimal shares on the home market, 2016 experienced an astonishing rebound of share of single buyers. This sudden upturn could issue in a new trend with a greater emphasis on this demographic.

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Green as the New Normal in Real Estate

Environmentally-conscious behaviors and attitudes run rampant in current generations, impacting the real estate market’s focus. Here are ten green aspects of society that justify why real estate professionals ought to prioritize and emphasize environmentally friendly efforts in their practice.

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February's Home Prices Continue to Rise

Looking at the national trend of home prices, it is clear that there is a continuous upswing in February. According to CoreLogic®’s Home Price Index (HPI), the rise is quantified as a one percent rise for month-over-month and seven percent rise year-over-year.

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Castles Luxury Index for 2017

As the year kicks off for 2017, various luxury items are compiled to showcase the index for the year. The index is a base point of comparison that derives from the average price of all the top, most expensive items within a category and is then divided by one million.

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Searching the Market as New Homebuyers

Searching for a new home can come as a daunting task for many because of the sheer amount of considerations to keep in mind. Not to mention, looking for a second time does not come much easier than the first. In order to keep on top of the process and not let it overwhelm you, prioritizing some aspects as more important will make the path [...]

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How to Succeed in the First Year in Your Home

Moving into a new place can be full of excitement, anxiety, and emotional breakdowns; however, this melting pot of emotions is completely expected and understandable. But once you’re settled in, it will be smooth sailing from there, right? Maybe.

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