The Cost of Downsizing

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     There's good news if you are nearing retirement and want to downsize. You can sell your home now, and, if you are lucky enough to live in an upscale suburb like a Belmont or a Newton, you might be able to find a buyer within a week or two.The bad news? After selling the big and now empty house you have painfully resolved to say


Urban Home Values Rapidly Overtaking Suburbia

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Urban home values are rapidly overtaking the value of suburban homes in most metros. As movement toward city life becomes more common and high-end condos are swiftly taking over the Boston, D.C. and Seattle skylines, the climate of ?downtown? has begun to change.


Here's How Much Your Down Payment Will Be In These Greater Boston Suburbs

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The general rule of thumb when it comes to down payments in the Boston area is twenty percent of the price. So that means, with home prices where they are today, you’re looking at upwards of $100,000 up front.