Renovation Tips and Trends


At times, the thought of renovating can be so daunting that instead, we do nothing. But caring for the properties we love can have many returns - both in terms of our own use and when it come time to sell.

Some renovations involve solely practical


Newly Renovated Condo in Waltham, MA!


This great condo can be found at 659 Moody St in Waltham, MA.

As you can see in the floorplan above, this condo features three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,358 square feet of living space.

For more information, contact Jim Lowenstern at (617) 733-8280 or check out the listing on our website here: 


Renovation Projects with the Most Return on Investment


Making changes to your home isn't just a great way for you to love your home more, it is also a way to make your home worth more when you're ready to move away.

This infographic from 


Brand New Contemporary In Newton Center

0 Fox Hill Road 
Newton, MA

Move into your brand new home as soon as this spring! This home is in a great neighborhood surrounded by multi-million dollar homes and just a minute away from Oak Hill School! It boasts 5 bedrooms (with the possibility of adding a 6th in the lower level). The lower level is completely finished and plumbed for [...]

How To: Condo Conversion

A “condo conversion” is relatively simple in concept. The process transforms your multifamily residence into several, separate units that can be sold and owned independently. But the actual process isn't quite as simple.

New $28M Budget for Boston Common

Thanks to the sale of the Winthrop Garage, Boston’s 50-acre, 385-year-old green space has a dedicated budget of $28 million to fund infrastructure improvements and increase the park’s resiliency. The work detailed in the Boston Common Master Plan is projected to take 18 months, and includes a range of improvements.