Two Energy Saving Innovations that Make a Big Difference

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There are so many energy efficient solutions to conventional products out there but consumers are often overwhelmed about what makes the most sense (And cents) for them. 
A lot of green products will save energy and ultimately money for your household but there are two in particular that are extremely inexpensive and make an enormous [...]

Newton's Wells Ave to Welcome 40B Development


Cabot, Cabot & Forbes has applied to bring over three hundred units of rental housing are coming to 135 Wells Avenue. If built, the Manchester - the proposed 40B project - will be the largest of its kind in Newton history.

Chapter 40B is a state law designed to address the shortage of affordable housing


Real Estate Growth and Innovation Go Hand in Hand, Which Hints Towards Long Term Boston Success

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It is no secret that innovation drives productivity and bolsters economies. Cities with high concentrations of human capital are more likely to witness a future of prosperity. In a recent study, this idea was put to the test in relation to real estate, and not surprisingly, cities with higher concentrations of innovation and talent recorded [...]