Everything You Should Know About Setting Up Your Home For Airbnb

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Good design and simple touches go a long way in attracting renters by making your space feel fresh and inviting - important qualities in a vacation rental.

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Airbnb Hosts are Putting Their Earnings Back into Real Estate

Airbnb hosts say that their passive income gained through hosting allows them to continue to invest in the real estate market. Airbnb serves as an income that does not require trading hours for dollars; instead, this money can cover costs related to rent, or mortgage, with a minimal amount of time consumed. In taking the average monthly rent [...]

How to List on Airbnb

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In this guide we go over how you can list your property on Airbnb and start making more money!


In the beginning...

You'll want to make a profile on Airbnb to start. After that, you can add listings and start making money! Yes, we're jumping directly into this so let's get to it.

Once you're logged in, you can click the button to add a listing, you are taken to a simple page that asks you for your home type, location, and the number [...]