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Multi-Billionaire Re-Lists Upper East Side Penthouse for $3M Less!

Multi-Billionaire Alexei (not this Alexei) Kuzmichev re-lists his Upper East Side penthouse.

Alexei Kuzmichev once served on the Soviet-China border as a radio operator, where he (in foresight, ironically), took to communism. After his service, he went to Moscow to attend the Institute of Steel and Alloys, where he met his future business partners. A few good decisions, and a couple billion dollars later, he became one of the richest capitalists in the world! All without nepotistic inheritance; props, Mr. Kuzmichev. Now one of the 150 richest people on the planet, he has just listed the Atterbury Mansion; his townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Surprisingly, he is listing it at a loss. After purchasing it in the spring of 2016 for around $42 million, he is now listing it for $41 million.

Kuzmichev's plan was to create a compound with Atterbury and it's neighboring residence, maybe taking notes from fellow billionaire, Jeff Bezos. He abandoned this plan, and listed the place for $2M more than he paid for it, but it didn't sell.

At just over 10,000 square feet, this townhouse covers four floors in its seven-floor building. The foyer greets and stuns upon entry, while offering access to the garden floor featuring a guest bedroom, the terrace, and a spacious family room. On the second floor you'll find a library and separate media room. The living area on the third floor features a seven-hundred-something square foot living room. Then finally, on the top floor, you'll find all the bedrooms, including the master bedroom which isn't much smaller than that third floor living room.

Of course, can we even call a multimillion dollar townhouse complete without an accompanying elevator? There are stairs but what is this, a gym? There are four floors. Good call, Grosvenor Atterbury (the architect who humbly named this place after himself).


Check it out here:

33 East 74th Street

33 East 47th Street

33 East 47th Street

33 East 47th Street

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