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Do I Buy a House or a Condo?


Although both types of properties come with a wide variety of many perks, great locations, and interesting amenities, you should take into account the pros and cons of both. Moving forward with focus on where you're going is important, which means future planning is critical, so take a look at this list and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Owning land

This comes first in the list since if you are investing in a property you might as well invest in land. Remember that land never depreciates, so it will always increase its value. Owning land is a huge advantage, you can actually build a pool or a garden in the back yard.


This is important when it comes to having your own personal touch in living areas. At this point, you know that most condos have uniformity, meaning that you are not allowed to make any drastic changes to it. This, of course, also depends on how rich you are. Owning a house is a completely different story though, since once you have it you can customize the property at your taste and needs.

Living space 

Houses get you marginally more square feet per dollar. Having a yard or deck is also nice for family gatherings or for children to play, but a terrace with a view is even better. With homes you can get clearance to build additional wings, a guest house, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Parking and Courtyards

Parking in the city can get tough, and condos often charge a monthly fee for parking spaces. Living in a house almost guarantees you'll have room to parking and gives better odds that your guests will find free parking.

Privacy, please!  

Condos aren't always peace and quiet, as you have neighbors using the same walls you use. There is a lot going on in a building, neighbors might be nosy. Maybe you're loud but you bought the place while the other tenants just rent, so since you have more pull they have to suffer through your antics. That situation can just as easily be reversed. Soundproofing and reinforcing is an option, there are always options, and they're something to consider.

More flexible when it comes to life changes 

For starters, condos have specific limitations and regulations regarding how many people can live in a unit. Thinking ahead will help you decide if this is a matter to preoccupy about. Also, think about work, condos do not allow you to work from home and having the unit as your office address, owning a house will permit you to work from a home office. Lastly, if you ever decide to move and sell the property, the process will be easier with a house rather than a condo. Condos are uniform meaning that they don't stand out from each other, this makes the sell harsher since the selling process could extend to more than a year, which is why condos tend to become rentals instead.

Essentially, we suggest you look at this as it is. This is an investment in your life if you plan to live there. What kind of life do you want to live? Want kids soon? A house with a yard seems like a great investment, but that thought is reinforced a preconception about how people should live a family life. Maybe you'd rather a luxurious condo in the city where your kids get chauffeured between music lessons and private classes by a family driver with an English accent.  Does having kids sound like a living Hell and you just want an experience-rich life full of health, wealth, and the top luxuries the world has to offer? A condo seems like a great bet, and is, but maybe you want to buy a multi-family, rent out a floor, have the tenant pay the mortgage, and you live there when you're not trotting around the world living your best life.

Point is, you need to know yourself and know what you want out of life to make the right decision here. There is no wrong answer, and you'll never know how the other choice would've played out, so just choose and and go for it!



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