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Tips to Make your New House Feel Like Home


Evolution plays a role in how we feel when we move into a new home. New territory can either have a positive or negative effect on peoples psyches depending on if they're confident or not, extroverted or introverted, and many other factors. There are a bunch of tricks for people who may not feel comfortable at first, and we're here to tell you all about them!

First of all, unpacking and decorating are a big deal. They essentially mark your territory. We may be the most advanced animal, but we're animals all the same, and some habits die hard.

Secondly, you might find helpful to adjust the temperature of your new home. You can try cracking open a few windows, adjusting the thermostat, letting the sunlight into the common areas, programming the A/C, etc.  Nowadays with technology, there is always an easy solution to help you enjoy the feeling of your home, no matter how hot or cold the weather can get.

Next, organize your new home in a way that you are comfortable with. On the weekdays, especially in the mornings, if you live a kind of life where you make yourself rush every morning for some reason, having everything organized will help you fall in love with your new space. You can arrange everything how you like. Remember, establishing good habits or routines is worth it, and lining up your house will help.

Finally, we suggest you get into some kind of routine. This is a psychological thing that goes way beyond acclimating to new environments. Having some kind of structure keeps us sane, even if it isn't rigid. This have far-reaching implications that could improve your whole life, not just your home life, so we strongly suggest it. A good sleep pattern, eating habits, exercise habits, and general time frames where you complete certain tasks is a huge help. This holds true even for creatives who thrive in chaos. We all need some degree of structure, so determine which is best for you by playing with it. 

We advise you also go out and explore. Get to know your new neighborhood, notice the closest restaurants, food stores, bus stops, banks, and take into account the commute to travel to work or school, etc. It's yours now, so get used to it. Doing this will help you enjoy your new community, help you feel less like a stranger and more like you belong, and it will eliminate mental stressors even our ancient ancestors dealt with, so get out there and make your house a home!