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Boston/Cambridge/Newton Area is the Hottest Housing Market of April 2019

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In a recent ranking based on median listing price and median days on the market, Boston ranks as April's number one hottest housing market.

The median days on the market in Boston is 32 days, which is quick compared to other cities, but not necessarily the quickest. Where Boston really shines is this short days on market number in conjunction with its enormous median listing price of $567,772. This median listing price figure is more than double the second place finisher of Lafayette, who has a median price of $227,000 and a median days on market of 34.

The third and fourth place finishers of Spokane Valley and Columbus fare similarly with listing prices of $325,000 and $259,000, respectively. This means that no market in the country is selling more expensive houses more quickly than Boston, MA. Boston's success is particularly impressive because of its competition against much smaller sample sizes. While many of the other entrants can be anomalous due to their small size and population, Boston is ranked highly despite the wide area and population included in the data.

Boston's ranking is up one place from March, where it was ranked second on the list.