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Affordable Housing Key Concern for City Officials

Affordable Housing Key Concern for City Officials

Easing height restrictions in exchange for the creation of affordable housing units, micro units in Roxbury and community land trusts are among the ideas being considered by the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab to lower the cost of home construction for middle income Boston residents.


Boston Giving $28M to Fund Affordable Housing in These Six Neighborhoods

The city of Boston is providing $28 million in federal and local money to fund the development and preservation of hundreds of affordable housing units across six city neighborhoods.

Governor Charlie Baker Increases Spending for Affordable Housing

Governor Charlie Baker is proposing an 8% increase on state spending for affordable housing for next year, and an 18% increment throughout the following five years, to a sum of $1.1 billion.

Baker proposed utilizing a sizable part of the new supports in the state’s capital spending plan to protect a portion of the 3,300 affordable residential units that are set to end up being priced at the market rate in the near future. The arrangement would finance more projects for affordable housing, for low-income families and for development projects in the state.