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Move Over Florida! Here are the TOP states to retire in

Each year many people decide where they want to settle down in their post-work years. If this sounds like you or someone you know, WalletHub conducted a recent study showing the top states to retire in. 

The study factored in a few main things: affordability, overall quality of life, and health-related factors across all 50 states to determine retirement-friendly places. 

VIRGINIA took the top spot of best places in the country to retire, beating out Florida who took the top spot last year. 

When looking at the main factors, Virginia was 16th for affordability, and 11th for both quality of life and health care, but still earned the highest score overall, according to the study. 

The other states that made the top 10 were: 

3. Colorado
4. Wyoming
5. Delaware
6. New Hampshire
7. South Dakota
8. Minnesota
9. Idaho
10.North Dakota

Check out the full study here: