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29-year-old Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Making a 7-figure Income Without Reinventing the Wheel

Rebecca Huang is a real estate agent with Castles Unlimited-eXp in Weymouth making a 7-figure income at 29 years old. She got ahead by working harder and smarter than other agents in the area, never turning down a client based on location, price or anything other than the limits of her Massachusetts license.

Weymouth real estate agent Rebecca Huang became a millionaire before turning 30 by putting client’s needs first.


A first-generation immigrant and professional in the United States, Huang first moved to New Hampshire from China, then to Boston with her sister in 2008 for college where she studied Business Management. It didn’t take long for her entrepreneurial instincts to kick in, and Huang started a limousine business when she was just 19.

“I was once told if you want to be a millionaire, you have to have your own business,” Huang said.

Not long after graduating, Huang sold her limousine shares to her partner and obtained her real estate license to dive head-first into the industry. She was inspired by a friend’s mother who instilled a passion for the business in her.

“When I offered to pay, she said ‘No, you don’t pay. I pay because I make a lot of money,’’ Huang said. “That made me want to be an agent like her.”

Huang is paying for plenty of lunches now, maintaining the top agent position at Castles Unlimited with just 8 years of experience under her belt.

“I remember getting my first commission check and thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money,’’’ she said. “‘Imagine if I work harder and harder.’ With the business I’m doing as an agent, I feel like the harder I work, the easier it gets.”


“There’s a competitor inside of me”

Huang soon found she has a natural talent for sales and a fast-paced, self-motivated industry like real estate. She didn’t expect to succeed, as she considered herself more reserved. But something revealed itself in her when she started making her first sales.

“I’m an emotional and passionate person but when it comes to business I tend to be very strong and aggressive,” Huang said. “There’s a competitor inside of me.”

That competitor has earned Huang a loyal client base across the state that helps her maintain and grow her influx of clients. The majority of her clients are either investors or referrals, or both. She says her prioritization of clients’ needs and special touches like holiday and closing gifts go a long way in an industry that’s so reliant on referrals.

“I focus on my client’s best interest and work really hard to achieve a sale,” she said.

Huang also understands the importance of a good home to a person’s life, having left a few behind herself before settling in Massachusetts for the last decade.

“Buying the right home is the biggest purchase in someone’s life and it can be overwhelming for a lot of people,” she said. “A house and your home is everything, if you live in your house happily, everything goes well.”

But for Huang, it’s not just about the paycheck.


Changing and saving lives

“I don’t want to take a million-dollar income for granted. I still remember how $20 used to be so much money to me,” she said. “Knowing that money is not everything, but it is important to give you the option to pick and choose to help change lives or save lives. That’s what my mission is.”

Huang hopes to dive into development and permitting to provide housing in the short-term, but hopes to fulfill a larger dream of helping people find homes in the future.

“If I can use those projects to help people that need it and provide housing, my bigger mission is to use my resources to help people,” she said. “Having a non-profit organization is one of the things that can help people.”

Part of that journey will be continuing to mentor and build a team of agents with her same values and mission. Huang is hoping to show other people the path to the opportunities she’s created for herself.

“If you know you have strength to take the risk and your intention is pure you have nothing to lose.”

Even while making seven figures and only continuing to grow her sales, Huang hasn’t forgotten that not everyone is afforded opportunities like hers. She hopes to use her own success to improve the lives of less fortunate people through her work.

“Sometimes life is not fair, but life can still be good,” Huang said.

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