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Make Your Home Stand Out In a Hot Sellers' Market!

You have heard the rumors and seen the claims: less than 1 month’s inventory, homes selling after 0 days listed, over 100% of list price given, and an average of 5 offers on every home. Even though the current real estate market is geared towards home sellers, that does not guarantee your home will sell faster and easier than other homes. Successfully selling a home takes meticulous planning and preparation. We have broken it down for you home sellers to have a seamless and promising home sale!


Find the Perfect Team    

A knowledgeable and successful real estate agent is the key when it comes to selling your home, but it's even more important in this ultra-hot and fast paced selling environment. Agents are the people that will give you the right information at the right time and guide the sale in the right direction that will align with both the agent and the sellers’ goals. Agents also have the inside scoop on your specific submarket, which allows your agent to keep a pulse on market activity to influence the strategy of your home sale.


Inspect Your Home Before Listing It

Although this may seem counterintuitive since most home inspections happen when the listing is in escrow, a pre-home inspection can actually help sellers out in a number of ways. It can help eliminate the potential of surprise down the road. No home seller wants an unknown, expensive, or hard-to-fix problem to arise once a potential buyer begins to do their own inspection. This will give the potential buyer another opportunity to negotiate for a price adjustment or credit. Knowing or fixing these issues in the early stages of selling will give sellers the upperhand in the process. The ability to show the inspection reports to future buyers when showing the home can establish transparency. The future buyer will know exactly what they are getting and can anticipate a smooth escrow.


Utilize Staging for Success

Some sellers often think that staging is not a necessity, but it makes a big impact on potential buyers. It can make them start thinking that your house could be their house. Small changes, even as small as removing personal photos, will make your listing pop out online. Some buyers even know the amount of time and effort goes into staging, which could work to the seller’s advantage. Buyers will appreciate the effort and may even influence their buyer in favor of buying your home.

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