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Happy National Homeownership Month!

                 Happy National Home Ownership Month! Throughout June, celebrate the many ways buying and owning a home helps families work towards a bigger, better and more financially-sound future. Not only does owning a home build more financial freedom, but you can also find more happiness and fulfillment that will positively impact the surrounding communities. This month, take the time to acknowledge the many ways owning a home has impacted you and the people around you. This year, more than ever before, people have been spending more and more time inside their homes. Homes have now transitioned into workplaces, schools, gyms and even safe havens from a global pandemic. By owning a home you will grant you and your family a sense of security and privacy.When buying a home, you become a part of a neighborhood and community. This pushes many to become more involved in their local community, creating a stronger connection to the people within it. In a 2021 report, 71% of people feel more successful and secure after buying a home and 51% view their home as a key part of their life. When you become  a homeowner you are investing in your future, gaining freedom to create a space that fits your lifestyle, and growing the community around you! Take the time this month to celebrate the many benefits that come along with being a homeowner.