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Most Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Real estate agents have to become experts in marketing to connect with potential buyers and land sales. But all too often, they’re missing the mark and losing out on leads. 

From failing to specialize in specific areas to not using all of a social media platform’s features to neglecting to optimize their website, many agents have experienced their share of marketing blunders. Today we have provided a list of 12 ways to improve marketing and snag good attention from prospective buyers.

1. Using Broad Marketing Techniques

The biggest mistake in marketing a property today is not knowing the exact buyer profile. With all the technological channels, generic broad marketing can seem to be a good idea but focused marketing is likely to save money and produce fast results. Focus on quality versus quantity. When creating media, ask a marketing professional if the material is adequate for the listing. 

2. Appealing To Every Buyer Persona

It is all too common for agents to try to appeal to everyone. Segment clients based on your individual practice style and strengths. Market to the clients that fit best for your location, price point and home type. Develop a list of adjectives that describe you and your approach and then consistently use those terms in your marketing to improve SEO and attract the best clients!

3. Being A Jack-Of-All-Trades

A common mistake is not being an expert at something specific. While it is good to network and meet a lot of people to find leads, it is better to network and meet people inside a specialized area of expertise. The best big assignments are always won by specialists with specialized business intelligence and relationships. Do not be the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. 

4. Misrepresenting The Property's Features

A common mistake agents make in selling is distorting the representation of the property when marketing it. Puffery, over-embellishing property features or facts and even hiding property faults are too common. These are bad practices for the long-term consumer perception and trust of the entire real estate industry. If we want our profession to be around, we need to build long-term trust with the public.

5. Not Having High-Quality Photos Or 3D Tours

One common mistake agents make when marketing properties is not having professional photographs or a 3D tour. The quality of the photographs and the ability to view in 3D helps buyers decide if they will consider touring the property. Using a photographer is a small price to pay for putting a listing in its best light to attract more showing traffic and a potential sale. 

6. Failing To Use Social Media

One mistake agents make when marketing a property is not utilizing social media to its full potential. When listing a property, an agent should be utilizing every platform and feature on that platform, i.e., the story feature, IG Live and reels on Instagram, timeline posts on Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, etc. The more it is posted, the more it will be seen. 

7. Selling Constantly And Not Providing Value

Being too sales-like is a huge mistake when prospecting. People are tired of being pitched all day long, whether it's from cold calls, texts, ringless voicemails, direct mail or online ads. When a prospect suspects that they're being sold, they will put up their guard. Instead, provide value first with zero expectation of something in return. Talk about the home's features, design, upgrades, location, etc. 

8. Failing To Ask What The Client Needs

Ask more questions about what the client is looking for. Rather than trying to make a listing fit your client's needs, use it to better understand their actual needs. That knowledge will put you one step closer to making a successful deal and a positive long-term relationship.

9. Not Seeing From The Buyer's Perspective

When marketing a property for sale, agents need to look at the property through a potential buyer's eyes. Walk the property with a designer and inspector. Advise your clients to make any necessary repairs, apply a fresh coat of paint, and don't forget to stage it. These touches will attract the right kind of buyers who will be willing to pay more for the property. 

10. Not Telling A Story

Don’t use buzzwords—tell a story! This is especially relevant since where you live is such a personal and emotional decision, regardless of renting or buying. Telling a story about a home is critical. Buyers and renters want to know what makes the home unique and why they will thrive once they buy or lease there. The more you can tell a story, the more you will be able to make this critical connection. 

11. Failing To Emphasize Your Unique Offerings

First, know what's in your wheelhouse. For example, if making marketing videos isn't your thing, hire a professional. Also, if you're buying leads and you can't sell them a house, get creative by asking yourself what other services or products you can bring to these leads. 

12. Neglecting To Optimize Their Website

Agents always focus on building their databases but marketing solely to a database leaves out everyone outside of it. Optimizing listings and websites for SEO is essential. When someone searches "apartments for rent downtown," do you or your brokerage firm appear? We've invested extensively in SEO, which drives traffic and leads to our carefully crafted landing pages and websites.