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Top 5 Cities to Call Home in Massachusetts


Ever dreamed of moving to the Northeast, where beaches stretch for miles and the city is a bustling hub of great food and shopping? This helpful guide will show you the top 5 best towns to live in beautiful Massachusetts, and why they hold these titles.

#1: Newton

By far the most affluent Boston suburb, Newton boasts the lowest poverty and unemployment levels in the whole state (4.3% and 2.8% respectively). Several colleges call newton home, including Lasell University and Boston College, and public schools that spend 20% more than the statewide average on their students. In addition to all of that, you'll find shopping, fantastic restaurants and lush parks all around the town. Because of these reasons, Newton is the best family town in all of MA by far, making it the perfect place to settle down with your own. 

#2: Melrose

Similar to Newton, Melrose is an affluent town with a close distance to Boston. For the adventurous and outdoorsy folks, it offers a vast array of activities ranging from hiking to kayaking. Earning the 2nd top spot for poverty and unemployment rates (4.1% and 2.8% respectively), Melrose is a thriving community that leans towards the wealthy. A home in Melrose could run you $570,300, which shouldn't be an issue for many as the median household income is $106,955/year in the town. Aside from the statistics, Melrose boasts a small town feel while still being right next to the city.


#3: Woburn

Natives of Massachusetts know Woburn for its dense suburban feel and proximity to Boston. It is cheaper than Newton and Melrose but still has access to the big city and lots of outdoor activity areas. The unemployment and poverty rates are moderate and median household income is $91,022/year, making it a true neutral ground. Woburn is praised for its diversity and having a safe, communal environment for all its residents, particularly for its shops and dining options.

#4: Newburyport

Located on the Southern bank of the Merrimack River, Newburyport is famed for its history as a seaport destination. It is also one of the more wealthy towns on this list, with a median household income of $109,839/year and homes going for an average of $548,800. Along with that, Newburyport enjoys an excellent school system with the third lowest dropout rate in MA. Coastal views, charming shops and a bustling night life will leave you with plenty of options for things to do. Fans of beaches, bird-watching, fishing, or relaxing will find all this and more when living in Newburyport.

#5: Beverly

The North Shore has so much to offer that it's difficult to know where to begin. In our experience Beverly is a good place to start, boasting a lively theater and music scene, beautiful beaches and tons of restaurants. In comparison to the other towns on this list, Beverly earns a moderate title when it comes to median household income, which is $80,586/year. The unemployment and poverty rates are also fairly moderate at 3.4% and 9.3% respectively, with a crime rate that's 75% lower than the national average. Overall, Beverly is known for being a quaint town with lots to do and at a very reasonable price point.


We hope you've enjoyed taking a tour through these beautiful Massachusetts towns (and maybe convincing you to move here). If you're ever in the Northeast, come by Massachusetts to see all that these towns and so many others have to offer.