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Top 5 Tips For A Move

It’s springtime, which means that moving season is almost upon us. With the moving season comes a seemingly endless amount of to-dos: cleaning out storage, deciding what stays and goes, and - of course - packing. Our goal with today's post is to hopefully help you with some tips on how to simplify your next move with some tips and tricks that’ll make the day-of smoother and the overall process much easier.

Tip #1: Color Code Boxes

The easiest way to keep your belongings organized is to color code the boxes you’re putting them in. You can use tape, markers or whatever you prefer to use and label boxes based on which room(s) the contents belong in. For example, putting all dishware into a box with a blue label that reads “Kitchen”.

Tip #2: Start Cleaning Early

Many of us get to the packing stage and wind up with a million things they know they don’t need. This can be avoided by getting a head-start on cleanout, try to do so at least a month before the move. Make a “Donations/Sell” pile and a “Trash” pile to declutter all those knickknacks you forgot about and clothes that no longer fit. You’ll wind up with less to pack and feel good about lightening your load.

Tip #3: Move One Room At A Time

When you sit down to start packing up, it can be tempting to just go willy-nilly about the house throwing things into boxes. This is not conducive to a clean household and will ultimately lead to boxes strewn everywhere. Our suggestion is to go one room at a time, doing small sections in each so that you don’t get overwhelmed. If you stage it in increments, you’ll be done before you know it and still stay organized.

Tip #4: Invest In Quality Packing Supplies

While there’s always the good old fashioned cardboard box method, it is much more worth it to invest in packing supplies that are built to last. Many of the options available are relatively inexpensive and the durability will be well worth the cost. They are less likely to be damaged (along with your personal items) and are resistant to the elements should they need to sit on the sidewalk outside your new home.

Tip #5: Repurpose Household Items For Packing

You more than likely have a good amount of storage pieces in your home that you don’t think about, such as hampers, suitcases and laundry bins. These storage items can help you out in the long run in case you run out or aren’t able to get enough pieces of storage supplies. In addition, you can wrap breakable items such as dishware in pieces of clothing to keep them from getting damaged during the move.


No matter where you’re moving to or from, it can be a pretty stressful time for everyone involved. Take your time, don’t rush anything, and be sure to make your checklists so nothing gets left behind. Good luck on your move!