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$2M+ Homes Across the Globe

When one pictures a million dollar home, what comes to mind is usually something that is akin to a mansion or even a gated townhouse. In reality, there is a ton of variety in these homes, from their architecture to the outdoor aesthetic. We’ve explored 2M homes across the US before, but today we’ll be going across the globe to see what $2M+ looks like outside of the Americana bubble.

14 Cherry Place, Sydney AU: Click here to view listing.

This first home is nested outside the bustling city of Sydney, Australia in Castle Cove. Literally described as a castle (for which “Castle Cove” was named) it even comes with a title to match: Innisfallen Castle. While it looks like a palace from the outside, the interior is that of an island getaway, complete with stunning ocean views and palm trees abounding.

Gallery media item

Gallery media item

Heathfield House, 6 Merton Lane, London, England: Click here to view listing.

This second home hails from the thriving city of London, UK. It has the utmost in modern architecture, from the open fountain out front to the see-through staircase going throughout the home. Open floor plans on the interior boast gorgeous views of the London countryside and even includes an indoor pool!

Gallery media item

Gallery media item

Tokyo, Japan: Click here to view listing.

The final home we’re exploring is in Tokyo, Japan, right outside the Nagano prefecture. The interior is the height of minimalist, clean interior design with its white backdrops and simplistic structure. It includes natural wood touches to give it a natural, forest vibe. Anyone who lives here is sure to feel like they are living in a woodland cottage, with all the conveniences of modern day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip around the globe exploring these homes. Maybe we even inspired you to look for homes in other countries! Wherever you go, $2M+ will get you a beautiful home that you can be proud to live in.