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How to Relieve Stress During a Hard Move

Moving is never easy. Even when it's for all the right reasons, the excitement of moving into the next phase of your life can sometimes be overshadowed by the need to keep track of numerous details, each more important than the last.

That's why knowing how to relieve stress, especially during a move is so important. It's in our human nature to use our "home base" as a source of comfort & security. When things are awry this source of comfort is no longer available. You may not be able to curl up on your bed because all of your things may be packed away. This is emphasized when it comes to long distance moves, because of the longer period between the last box in the moving truck & the first one out. But learning how to deal with stressful situations is also how we grow as people. 

1. Focus on What's Important

Remember that it will eventually be over & when it is you will be in a better place. Change is not always comfortable, but focus on what you loved about your new home and why you chose it.

2. Find The Right Agent

Having the right agent can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. The best agents will help you every step of the way and often have great recommendations when it comes to moving services, cleaners, and local comfort food.

3. Don't Go it Alone

Having a companion, whether they will be living with you or not is really important. Not only for the physical move, but also for emotional support along the way. 

4. Less is More

The less stuff you have the less stressful the move will be. Many people take moving as a chance to Marie Kondo their living spaces & decide which things they really want to take with them for this fresh start.

5. Consider Moving Insurance

When you’ve taken care to pack only your most meaningful belongings, the last thing you want is to worry about them being damaged on their way to your destination. Moving insurance can sometimes give you peace of mind.


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