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How To Choose a Real Estate Brokerage as a New Agent

When it comes to choosing a Real Estate brokerage, new agents don’t have the experience or background of knowledge that more seasoned professionals and they may end up signing on with a brokerage that doesn’t have their best interest. Keep reading for our pro-tips on how to find the right agency for you!


Go independent! Independent brokerages have many benefits. Many have much deeper ties to their communities than big franchises. They don’t have to pay extra fees to their franchisors which means fewer fees and more commission for you!


Mentoring is an important part of the brokerages job that many ignore! You don’t just stop learning once you pass your agent exam, so much of the profession is learning how to support customers, build your personal brand, and secure listings. All skills which the right brokerage can nurture and 


Commission structure is a really important factor when choosing a brokerage as well. While a standard commission structure may seem simple, you might be leaving some money on the table. Some brokerages offer residual income and commissions for agents you recruit as well, which can be a great way to make use of your network as a Real Estate agent.


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