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Calabasas to... Wyoming

We watched the pandemic throw the world into chaos during 2020, which resulted in us vowing lay the word “unprecedented” to rest forever. Beyond that, we’re seeing changes go across the world like tides, and the real estate industry was another shell in the tow.

We’re seeing all kinds of new behavior in the real estate market, like all the celebrities leaving 90210 for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some of those names include:

A Realtor in Jackson Hole pointed out some of it’s best qualities: sweeping views, endless recreation, and forgiving taxes-- the taxes part sounds like gentle murder but it's ok. If you like adventure or the thought of living in the wilderness with a militarized Kanye West, you might find Jackson hole alluring. 


Kanye West and his tank in Wyoming.

We said what we meant.


One thing that might attract big buyers is that Jackson Hole is 97% national park/public land, which leaves 3% of that land for private use. Seeing as it’s of limited quantity, we can imagine a few whales buying it up for a monopoly. Ru Paul actually bought 70,000 acres. 

Yes, acres. We said what we meant.

That exclusivity might account for the big ticket interest, but Wyoming is also far from anywhere that might suffer a land invasion, and it’s going to stay above sea-level.

Our newest partner Realm is based around connecting luxuries with their beneficiaries. It’s a virtual-based business that headquarters in— you guessed it. We're excited to see how the Wyoming thing develops over the next few months, and especially interested in what Kanye is going to do with his dome that the municipality is trying to pause. In the meantime...



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