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Reflecting on 2020 & Looking Ahead



There’s little doubt that the year 2020 has reached a level of infamy that has been previously unknown to this generation. As news cycles accelerate and we are introduced to major historical events at a higher frequency than ever before, many people have attributed the outcomes to the year itself. Of course it’s not helped by the fact that this year is the beginning of a new decade, it rolls off the tongue, and it brings a new level of irony to the phrase ‘2020 Vision’, because somehow, none of us saw this coming.


However, at the risk of cliche, (and possibly being wrong) the year hasn’t been all bad. As an organization that helps individuals find their ideal places and spaces, part of our job is to monitor and listen to the types of adjustments that people want to make. One of the most consistent patterns we have seen is people moving out of cities and into the suburbs, exurbs, and other residential areas. These preferences are based on needs like, space, privacy, and safety.


This has given many older adults the opportunity to sell their properties quickly, and leave their long time homes on a high note. At the same time, younger families are starting to get out of the cities and are improving affordability for renters who are trying to start their professional careers in the city.


Nevertheless, as we look ahead to 2021-- we cannot help but be optimistic. Along with a change in administration, we already know that the vaccine is well on its way, which has marked the very beginning of the shift of going back to normal. We predict increased affordability across all sectors, as well as a decrease in vacancies when it comes to commercial spaces such as offices, retail and restaurants. This stimulation of the economy in the market is exactly what we need, and there’s no denying that everyone is ready for change.


Above all, we are continuing to prioritize the safety of our staff and our clients. Our hearts go out to all those who continue to be impacted by the coronavirus and the economic fallout that it has caused. We have confidence that 2021 will be a better year and that the lessons we have learned in 2020 will play a vital role in our futures.


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