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Hanover, MA: The Best Bang for your Buck?

As the real estate market in the U.S. approaches an all time high, competition for home in suburbs has been intense, especially around major cities. It has buyers on the hunt for anything resembling a good deal. Here in Boston, there are no exceptions, and many buyers are opting to hold out until the market slows down a bit more. 

But for those of you who can't wait, and need to buy sooner rather than later-- Hanover is definitely worth a second look. 

Although it is a high-end option (the median listing price clocks in at $670,000), the city still allows affluent buyers to get much more size per dollar than in the center of the city. The price per square foot is $231, a 34 percent drop from Boston’s $350.

And that's not all. Hanover is a thriving town with great schools (an A- on Niche ratings). There are plenty of activities for families, including retail stores, a movie theatre, and plenty of parks and outdoor areas.