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Get Ready for a Home Inspection During COVID-19

Average Cost of a Home Inspection Report


COVID-19 has affected everything in every market, including real estate. We even have to pay mind to what was once minutia in open houses, like making sure nobody touches anything, and trying to keeping a comfortable distance in Cambridge apartments. We've made this list to help you navigate the muddy waters.

1. Set requirements

Sellers should feel comfortable letting people in their abode, so its advisable to set rules/requirements in advance. Request inspectors to visit your home wearing face coverings, gloves, and remove their shoes at the entrance, also communicate that is very important for you to have every touched surface disinfected. 

2. Ease the inspector's access through your home

Remember, inspectors are not allowed to remove personal items from their way, therefore, if your home hasn't been cleaned up or reorganized. The inspector would have to leave and return once the place has been cleared out.

In order for the process to go smoothly, make sure access to water heaters, electrical panels, heating and cooling units, and outlets are clear.

3. Let inspectors know how your home appliances and equipment work

You know what its like to shower in someone else's shower. You have to go through three tests and a riddle before you can turn the thing on. It's foreign to you in the same way that your house is foreign to the inspector. 

Before the inspector's visit, communicate how your home systems work. If you aren't meeting in person, make sure to cover all the key points. By doing this you will avoid confusion and misunderstandings which only hinder efficiency.

4. Have your HVAC serviced and clean

Have this done before the inspection takes place. Inspectors look for this.

5. Check all light bulbs

They should all work, or it might seem like an electrical problem to the inspector.

6. Caulk areas 

The areas near the sinks, tubs, and places where humidity can cause problems are where you want to focus.

7Clean the dryer vent

8. Clean windows and glass doors.

9. Turn the freezer's ice maker on.

10. Test/fix door locks and window hinges

11. Check your home's sprinkler system.

Taking care of the points in this checklist will hopefully save sellers time during their process, also, work after the inspection will be minimum.