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It's The Best Time to Rent!

You’ve heard of a buyer’s and seller’s market, but have you heard of a renter’s market?

Renters now have more negotiating power than they’ve had in a long time.

In a city that is usually full to the brim with students, recent graduates starting their first jobs, and young families- something is definitely different this September. 

Because of a combination of work from home and all around uncertainty from schools re-opening; vacancies in Boston have increased by around 6%. So what does this mean for renters? For one, a much better selection of apartments than usual, but that’s not all. In some cases, owners and realtors are even offering incentives just to get leases signed and apartments leased.

If you were hesitant about signing a new lease at first, you should rest assured that you are bound to find a great deal this year. Especially considering how much the city of Boston values public health and how well it has been dealing with recent challenges.