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Home Care: F/W 2020 Prep List!

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Homeownership has many perks and responsibilities. It takes work to maintain your property, and now that pumpkin season is upon us there are some things owners have to take care of to have their homes ready for next season. Read this checklist and make sure things don't get spookier than you hoped this fall!


Check the gutters

Clogged gutters can have disproportionately dire outcomes. They can cause all kinds of water damage, so make sure you check up on them before the Fall falls. 

Check for drafts 

Chillier days are coming, and no one wants to lose heat to drafts. One way to check is to go around the perimeters of all your doors and windows. Another is to fill the room with wispy smoke, not the thick stuff, and see how it drifts. If it's stagnant, you're ok! If it's flowing, you've got a breach. Strap up with some caulking and get to plugging. 


Remember to drain your outdoor faucets

This is important! If left undone, pipes might burst. You don't want to pay for that, so remember to turn off and drain all outdoor faucets before its too late.


Address driveway/walkway cracks

When it gets cold, we all know what happens. Water gets into cracks, freezes, expands, and makes the cracks worse. Check for these holes in your properties integrity, and fill them will cement filler, or repave the area if you have the funds. These will only get worse and lower your property value. Unless you want to install a heated driveway, then waiting until you sell is potentially the best play so as to not fix the driveway twice. Patching up cracks is the best alternative.


Don't forget the filters

When filters get clogged, your body temp goes lower while the heating bills gets higher. Cleaning them is is tedious, but doing this monthly can do a lot for you. Check your filters and determine which have to get replaced, which need a deep cleanse, and which could do with a quick one-over with the vacuum.


Test your equipment

Broken snowblowers are easier AND cheaper to deal with before it starts snowing.


Check your smoke detector devices

This one's a lifesaver. Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. You want to make sure they work properly 24/7, but with less fresh air flowing thru our houses as the weather gets colder, it's much more important now.



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