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Importance of Home Amenities in 2020

We aren't sure why, but people are spending a lot more time in the comfort of their own homes lately. It's brought rise to a trend we want to share with you. Today's buyers are more interested in having a list of amenities, private outdoor space, and well-lit rooms than pre-covid buyers. Here are some tips to help you provide what your buyers want to buy. 


Have lots of space...

It looks like the social distancing is seeping in; buyers are putting square footage high on their priority lists. Nowadays, outdoor space is as important as the interior. Buyers want to live their lives without having to don a plague doctor mask. Having a property with enough room to do everything they want to do is key.

If your home has a waterfront view or access to walkable trails, take advantage of it and list your property. Remember not everyone is looking for big properties, so if you're able to redesign your home to offer more rooms and amenities your listing will get higher attention from buyers. If you don't want to sell, keep your hand in the game. Contact an expert Realtor in your area and see what price they could get you for your home. They may see opportunity where you don't, and you might stumble upon a sweet deal.


An outdoor dining area is a must...

Most buyers are looking for spacious backyards with outdoor cooking and dining areas. People want to entertain friends at home entertaining with small groups, plus, due to COVID, spending time with family and friends in open spaces is huge. You can see the peace of mind of knowing you're all in the open air.


The more amenities the better...

More and more buyers are seeking properties with amenities for all ages. Since the most popular recommendation is to "stay home", buyers are looking for properties with playgrounds, offices, gyms, TV rooms, and spare rooms to fill with their hobbies. 

Not every home can offer Santa-sized lists of amenities, therefore, our suggestion is to mention buyers nearby recreational areas, where they can exercise, and spend time with their kids. Again, your local expert Realtor will know what to do.


Remodeling outside is the new priority...

We are used to hearing buyers express their intention to remodel a specific room from a property, however, a new priority is to renovate the outdoors. If an investment is needed to renovate the property, it should go to landscaping. Actual landscaping, not the kid you throw $40 every other Friday to cut your lawn. 


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