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Tips on How to Prepare for Selling Your Home

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Have you been thinking about selling your property, but are hesitant due to the pandemic? Our recommendation is to get in touch with a real estate agent who's specialty is your area, and having a consultation to see how it would go. Agents live on commission, which means they've have had to work thru the pandemic. They know what you're getting into, so they can lay it out rather clear. 


Include COVID-19 best practices while you prepare your marketing approaches 

Showings are appointment-only lately. This is something many agents already did, but with an industry-wide exposure to this style of showings, we're expecting it's newfound popularity to stick around. In addition to making things more convenient for everyone involved, it also allows for sanitation between showings since nobody wants to listen to the "don't touch anything" rule. 

Online marketing has increased in popularity over the years, however, the pandemic has boosted it's effectiveness. Virtual showings, social media, professional photography and videos, interactive floor plans, and related tech are all making the home-buying experience more thorough.


Disclose information upfront 

Sellers have now the chance to front-load core information to buyers. Info like permits, property history, pre-sale inspection reports, floor plans, early seller disclosures, details about the neighborhood, amenities, local commercial businesses, schools, and public transportation. It's worth mentioning things you think might help your agent market the property. If there's a cafe down the road that nobody knows about, but you love, mention it. Don't have expectations as far as how they'll use the info, but mention it. A client touring might say something about coffee and they could give a recommendation that ends up sells that buyer on the neighborhood. 


Prepare for in-person showings

Agents are taking major precautions. Before COVID, agents made sure properties were clean, properly furnished, and presentable in order to welcome buyers into the homes. Now, additional steps have to take place. Agents have to make the tour as touchless as possible. One thing we see is agents are leaving all closets, kitchen cabinets, and doors open. They're also keeping all the lights are on, which is so standard practice that it's easy to forget. They also have to disinfect all that stuff Chad and Karen weren't supposed to touch but touched anyways, and maintain ventilation throughout as best as possible. 

It's common to pre-screen potential and only schedule with those who are qualified to buy. This saves everyone time, and also keeps extra bodies away, which lowers Covid exposure risk exponentially.


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